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Enrollment Prerequisites:

Fundamental Certification: Applicant must complete an evaluation and a minimum of ten privates.

Comprehensive Certification: Applicant must be proficient in Level III Pilates Mat work and Reformer.

Cathie Teague

Teacher Training director Cathie Teague is committed to the preservation of Joseph Pilates’ original method and technique. Cathie is a third generation teacher and has been teaching Pilates for nineteen years. She received her training and certification from Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado; often referred to as, the “Harvard of Pilates Training Centers.” Cathie has also completed the Boulder schools Masters Program and is Gold Certified by the Pilates Method Alliance - an alliance of Pilates professionals offering an international exam and certification to support and preserve the standards of the method.

Teague Pilates Teacher Training Programs:

The work of Joseph H. Pilates is revolutionary. It is also quite complex and therefore requires intensive training and study to learn to teach the method the way it was intended. It is not just a series of exercises in a routine, but rather it is a technique of moving the body through alignment and control. Learning the work through a credible institution assures the high standard of education and information necessary to become a qualified professional.

Teague Pilates Institute provides practical, in-depth knowledge of the complete Classic Pilates method. We are committed to providing the tools and environment necessary to become a dynamic and effective teacher. Students will learn how to teach at various levels and for all body types while being safe and effective.

The following information is provided through workshops, lectures, symposiums, lessons and observations:

  • The history and methodology behind the original work of Joseph H. Pilates.
  • The names and set-up of each apparatus including all of the various parts.
  • Various levels of the classical exercises on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and all accessory equipment.
  • The names of the exercises, the goal and purpose of each exercise, how to properly execute them, and the concepts behind each exercise.
  • The exact sequencing of the exercises, number of repetitions, and appropriate use of resistance.
  • Proper spotting techniques and safety for each exercise.
  • How the body moves through the support of the equipment.
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • How to create a Pilates lesson to fit individual client needs.
  • How to effectively modify exercises when necessary.
  • Posture analysis - how to recognize structural alignment issues.
  • Therapeutic applications.
  • How to “see” a body in terms of alignment and structure.
  • Communication techniques.
  • Verbal cues and imagery to help your client get the most out of each exercise.
  • Dynamics of stability against movement.
  • How oppositional forces move throughout the body.
  • The dynamics of how the breath moves you through the different exercises.
  • How to work from the inside out.

Fundamental Certification Program is six months in length with two parts
Part One: Four - 12 Hour Workshops plus lectures and symposiums needed
Part Two: 360 hours internship

  • 120 observation hours
  • 150 practice teaching hours (including case study*)
  • 60 lessons (at least 30 of which are private lessons)
  • 30 personal workouts

*Case study - You are allowed to practice teach on a pupil of your choice at no studio fee.
Upon completion of the six month course, you will have thorough knowledge of all Level III exercises on all of the apparatus and be able to teach through Level III.

Comprehensive Certification Program
is One year in length with two parts.
Part One:
Six - 12 Hour Workshops plus lectures and symposiums asneeded
Part Two: 600 hours internship:
  • 200 observation hours
  • 250 practice teaching hours (including case study*)
  • 100 lessons (at least 50 of which are private lessons)
  • 50 personal workouts

Upon completion of the one year course, you will possess a thorough understanding of the method and theory behind Pilates. You will be able to accurately assess posture and movement patterns, prescribe and teach effective Classic Pilates lessons, as well as pace workouts for productive movement.


Tuition and Fees: Payment Plans available
Intermediate Program - $3,200.00 + Lessions - Six - 6 hour workshops
Advanced Program - $5,500.00 + Lessons - Eleven - 6 hour workshops

Amenities included in the program:

  • A personal advisor available to answer question and guide you through the program.
  • Access to the Teague library (videos/books/periodicals).
  • Use of the Teague Studio facilities for personal workouts and practice teaching.
  • Discounted studio use for your volunteer clients.
  • Classes available six days a week.
  • Discounts on private lessons, duo lessons and trio lessons.
    Classes will be charged at current membership rates according to variable levels and lengths.

Requirements for Graduation:

  • Attend formal lectures, workshops and symposiums.
  • Complete observation hours.
  • Complete practice teaching hours.
  • Complete personal lessons and workouts.
  • Complete case study.
  • Complete reading list and anatomy palettes.
  • Pass written and practical exams with a score of 80% or higher.

For more information call...1 818 991-9405