Romina is a "BRUTE HORSE", proclaimed my college dance instructor. As he pushed on my standing leg, I held the other in the air. It was no wonder that I ended up either on the bottom of our formations or as the male lead in partner work. It was my station in my life as a dancer – never the lithe ballerina gliding across the floor, always the brute horse.

This Permeated my mind and body throughout my post college years. Despite my petite 5 foot 3 inch frame, I always seemed to define myself by pushing harder…faster…heavier. I tried it all – step class, stair master, spinning, cardio barre, weight lifting and yoga. While I seemed fit and felt “the burn” during my grueling two hour a day/five day a week regiment, my body grew more brutish and I suffered joint pain and sciatica. I knew there had to be another way. That is when I discovered Classical Pilates.
In my first lesson, I learned much more than just a series of exercises. I discovered a challenging method of movement that was kind to my body. I listened to my body and understood the way in which it liked to work, where it liked to overwork and amazingly, where it was just plain lazy. Who knew this old horse actually had lazy in her vocabulary?

Within weeks my hard muscles gave way to a supple form. I grew stronger without the bulk and tightness of my former self. I was able to do things I once thought impossible. For the first time in my life, I could run long distance without joint pain and competed in my first 5K race.

I became so greatly enamored with the Method that I joined the Teague Pilates Teacher Training Program. I want to be able to share with others the great truth that I had learned. I want to free others like me that had chained themselves to the gym, the scale and unhealthy expectations.

Today I have the privilege of doing just that – sharing my passion for Classical Pilates as a certified instructor at Teague Pilates. The brute horse has been put out to pasture.

Romina L. Oak Park, CA
I entered the Teacher Training Program with only two months of Pilates experience. In the two months of training to prepare to enter the program I pushed myself to learn all of the level three exercises. After the first Lecture/Workshop I panicked. I thought maybe it was too much information to handle. But, the passion for Pilates that the teachers had motivated me and after the second Lecture/Workshop I began to build my own passion for Pilates. In the third Lecture/Workshop I really began to learn how to teach. After that I craved more and more information. It was no longer over whelming. The amazing teachers that worked with me gave me the knowledge, the tools and confidence to become a great teacher; by being present for the student, helping them move correctly and get out of pain, and finding their own passion for Pilates.
I want to thank my teachers for showing me that Pilates is a lifestyle. I still hear your voices in my head while I’m teaching and also before arriving to the studio. Thank you so much for teaching with belief!
Yoni Anvi Kfar Blum, Israel

I have been doing Pilates at Teague Pilates Studio in Agoura Hills, CA three times a month for seven years. It has improved my tennis game in many ways. I am more agile and I can move better in all directions. I can switch hands, I have a better sense of balance and my serve has improved. I also ride Motor Cross, doing monster table tops and double jumps. Before every Sunday race, I do Pilates to prepare my body for going into extreme positions that require control to maneuver on the bike. I can get more speed and more traction because I have better balance.
Chris C. Agoura Hills, CA
About ten years ago, my right arm started to get numb every night. Within a few months, both of my arms began to swell and turn numb throughout the day. I was subsequently diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine. I was put on an anti- inflammatory and a muscle relaxant and sent on my way. This worked well for my day-to-day life, but I was still unable to enjoy two of my favorite things, snow skiing and water skiing. Every time I skied, the numbness and swelling would start again. Every couple of years I would try some new exercise hoping to find something that would help me. Then I remembered hearing about Pilates and I thought I'd give it a try.

I visited a couple of studios and some of the local gyms that offer Pilates and then promptly did nothing! I guess I was intimated. I wasn't sure I could do Pilates and truthfully, I wasn't sure I trusted any of the studios or gyms I visited with the care of my spine, but then I found Teague. I trusted them from the very beginning. I knew I had found the best place for me. I took my first private lesson in November of 2004 a few days before my 54th birthday.

At first, I didn't notice much change, but then friends started asking me if I'd lost weight. I thought that was odd; I hadn't lost any weight! Then I noticed I was standing taller and straighter and my clothes seemed to fit better. I became increasingly aware of how to move my body. I'd skied most of my adult life, but suddenly I got a whole lot better and I could ski all day without any numbness. By the end of six months, I'd lost eleven pounds; a welcome surprise! But, the very best thing is that within nine months, I was able to completely go off all of my arthritis medicine. My doctor thinks it's great!

When I first started at Teague, I thought I'd try every instructor and then settle on the one I liked the best, but to tell you the truth, I like all of them. They all have different styles and little tricks to help you do your best and they're all encouraging and supportive. That makes it easy to schedule lessons and classes. I just pick the time that is best for me. With my hectic schedule that is something that I really appreciate.

Karen W. Thousand Oaks, CA
Teague Pilates has truly changed my life in so many positive ways. I started Pilates two years ago as a means to overcome the mental stress of my job and the physical problems of neck and back pain. I had always been a gym member, but didn't find that the workouts were helping me with either problem. I was seeing a chiropractor twice a week to relieve my back pain and within two months, I was down to once a week. I now go in only once or twice a month. My headaches are gone and I feel so much better. I usually come to Pilates after a stressful day at the office. I rush in the door and within five minutes of my workout, I’m completely relaxed. It feels like a miracle, but it is really just common sense. Breathing, stretching, strengthening your core – these basics of Pilates have become a regular part of my life and I’m stronger, healthier and in better shape than I’ve ever been. Not to mention 25 pounds lighter!

I love the classes and the support of the fellow students and amazing teachers. Consistent privates have been a huge part of my progress and also keep me motivated to push myself to improve. I have a long ways to go, but I know that Teague Pilates will be the foundation to a better me!

Laurie S. Oak Park, CA
I have been going to Teague Pilates for many years and what this experience has done for me is absolutely amazing. This method of body conditioning has promoted physical harmony and balance to my body while providing me with a very refreshing and energizing workout. I see a great improvement in my muscle tone, amount of energy and mental concentration, derived from going to Teague Pilates Studio. I also have noticed a big increase in my strength, flexibility, and also my breathing and circulation.

I'm 64 years of age and I feel it is important to spend as much time building strength and flexibility as you spend on aerobic fitness. Strength and flexibility help your body better handle the age related changes and help with injury prevention, recovery and illnesses to the body. Pilates has certainly done that for me.

I just want to thank Teague Pilates for everything they have done for me. I don't believe I have ever felt better.

Mary C. Newbury Park, CA
Teague Pilates has made a significant impact on my health, fitness and mental well being. You and your staff are the best.

As a woman in her 50's, my doctor watches me closely for bone loss and other aging issues. To my great pleasure, when I went in for a routine exam, we found that I have grown one inch in height over the last year. We even measured twice!

Marcia F. Oak Park, CA

I am a hairstylist. Standing all day and keeping my arms elevated left me with tremendous pain and tension. I first looked into Teague Pilates to help relieve some back and shoulder pain. I received an amazing treatment called Neuromuscular Therapy that immediately relieved me of the shoulder pain that had been nagging me for years. I had tried acupuncture and massage, but nothing had ever come close to relieving my pain like the Neuro Treatment I received.

In Pilates, I have developed strength, balance and poise that I never had before. I have tried all types of exercise routines and believe that Pilates is the most effective in toning, strengthening and providing a solid core.

The instructors are friendly and approachable. The explanations are precise and the individual attention is great. With Pilates I am physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. Thanks to the Neuromuscular Therapy and the team at Teague Pilates, I am pain free. I am stronger, more flexible and in control of my movements. Thank you Teague Pilates!

Kristy P. Agoura Hills, CA


Approaching 50 years of age I found myself in the worst shape of my life, 40+ pounds overweight and taking three or more Advil everyday for back pain. For my 5’2” frame it was beginning to be difficult to find a big enough “big” shirt to go around my butt.

I needed an exercise program that I could connect with. I was curious about Pilates because it had been mentioned in my Dressage Magazines, as great conditioning for the rider. Dressage is a sport I have dabbled with for the past 15 years. I started with Teague Pilates taking private lessions and really enjoyed working one on one, something I’ve never done before. After two months I was taking 3 to 4 classes every week. My co-workers said once I began Pilates I just started to shrink.

Forward one year and I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made. I’ve lost 35 to 40 pounds and carved inches off my body. I have muscle definition in my arms and haven’t taken Advil for about a year. I’m shocked at the exercises I’m able to do – I would not have believed it possible a year ago. It is truly empowering to take your life, health and fitness and see it change so greatly. I feel I’ve received great instruction at Teague Pilates. I’ve been sore, but have never hurt myself and all of the instructors know I like to be challenged. Pilates is a journey – not unlike Dressage. It’s built on basic exercises that enable you to increase the difficulty of moves as you become stronger. Each level has a flow to it and is a building block to the next level. I love the challenge and expect to enjoy the journey for years to come.

Joan C.
Oak Park, CA

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