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  Class Descriptions

Intro, Level I and Level II Reformer Classes are 30 minutes.
Intro, Level I and Level II Half Trap Classes are 30 minutes.
Cardio Alignment and Jump Board Classes are 30 minutes.
Teacher’s Choice and Pilates Barre Classes are 50 minutes.

Reformer: The equipment was created by Joseph Pilates to act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health. The Reformer allows you to access the weak or elusive areas of the body in order to uniformly build alignment, create muscular balance and sustain flowing aerobic movement.

Reformer Intro: Prepares you for the Reformer I class, this class introduces you to the level I exercises at a pace that allows you to experience transitioning from one movement to the next and how to change your equipment set up for each exercise. You will learn how to glean the very most out of the movements before moving into the Level I classes.

Half Trap: This class is excellent for developing skills such as pelvic and shoulder stability, spine articulation and better breathing. With the support of spring tension it promotes resilient, powerful muscles, strong, decompressed joints and access to the weaker muscles and the deep core muscles.

Spine Corrector: Elongate and prefect your skeletal alignment with this supportive apparatus.

Jump Board: Exhilarating, fun, cardio workout.

Cardio Alignment: Alternate Spine Corrector and Jump Board.

Chair: The unique design of the chair encourages a challenging and fun workout. It will help connect your body and improve your Mat and Reformer workout.

Classic Mat: The essence of all Pilates work, this aerobic series of floor exercises is designed to create uniform development, long/lean muscles, core strength and breath control.

Pilates Barre: An aerobic workout that fuses together the Classical Ballet bar work and the Classical Pilates technique. This class will increase your heart rate while keeping the focus on alignment, elongating the muscles and strengthening the core.

Teacher’s Choice: Reformer, Half Trap, Chair, Mat or any combination of these choices.


Before entering and advancing classes, you must have clearance
and you must be free of injuries and restrictions.

24 Hour Notice of Cancellation is Required to avoid being charged.

Studio phone number