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Neuro Muscular Therapy

If you have tried traditional treatments for pain relief with little to no results, it may be because the treatments are not targeting the true cause of the pain. Often pain is muscle and joint related due to hypertonic muscle spasm and the only treatment for that is to get rid of the spasm. Treatments such as electrical stimulation, deep tissue massage, bone manipulation, needles, hot and cold at best provide only temporary relief by releasing chemicals from the pituitary gland called endorphins that block the pain message to the brain. Endorphin release last for a few days and temporarily masks the pain, but does nothing for the spasm.

How do you know if your pain is hypertonic muscle related?
In a 15 minute exam we can trace the pattern of the pain to determine if it is caused by hypertonic muscle spasm. If it is caused by hypertonic muscle spasm the origin of the spasm will also be determined as well as a treatment plan and advice on any lifestyle modifications that can help avoid reoccurrence. Hypertonic muscle spasms are one of the main causes of misalignment; this makes this treatment very complimentary to Pilates which is designed to bring the body’s alignment back to its natural intended state.

What happens during a session?
The treatment combines tracing the muscle spasm through a specific fingertip massage of the muscles and precise use of a device called a "Biopulser" which sends a strong message to the brain causing the brain to send a message back to the muscle to release the spasm. Although the pain may seem to be localized the spasm usually runs through a specific pattern that must be traced and released throughout the bod

Will I remain clothed during the session?
Wear light weight cotton sweats and a t-shirt.

Is the treatment painful?
It varies for each individual. Most experience some degree of pain during the treatment depending on the severity of the spasm. Some soreness will occur afterwards because of the lactic acid released from the muscle, as the soreness produced from weight lifting.


How long does a session last?
Between 20 and 40 minutes based on the individual needs.

To schedule an appointment for a treatment or a consultation
call 1 818 991-9405