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Our sunless tanning solution is all-natural, organic, and chemical-free. The active ingredient is the highest quality Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) derived from the sugar of a beet. Blended with antioxidants, vitamins, herbs, and botanicals the solution is a beneficial treatment for the skin. It has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30. Beach Club Sunless Tan custom blends DHA percentages for each individual to produce natural looking color on every skin type.

For a longer lasting Tan
1. Preparation
2. Skin Care
3. Up Keep

Preparing for your tanning treatment.
1. Thoroughly exfoliate, shower and shave prior to your treatment. Use non oil-based exfoliates. 2. Make sure your body is free of make-up, moisturizer, deodorant and perfume.
3. Waxing, manicures and pedicures should be done BEFORE your treatment. Wait at least a day after waxing before you tan.
4. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and sandals following the treatment. The bronzer may rub off and show on light clothing, however it will wash out of most materials. No socks or boots right after tanning. Use lingerie, underclothes, or a bathing suit for your tanning session.

The Session
1. The technician will determine the custom blend of solution for you during a consultation before the session. The higher percentage of (DHA) does not necessarily mean a darker Tan.

2. The tanning session takes 10 minutes and the solution dries as it is being applied.

3. The technician will apply your tan by hand using a tanning system. The application is flawless. No messy hands and feet, no streaking, and no clean up. Your hands and feet may appear lighter than the rest of your body to avoid over developing those areas.

1. Wait 8-12 hours before you shower and avoid excessive sweating prior to your shower.
During your first shower, the color run off is just the bronzer used as a color guide so that the technician can see that she is applying your tan evenly. This color is not your tan. Any flaws are usually the bronzer only and your tan will be even after your first shower.

2. Over using soap, scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and waxing will cause the tan to fade more quickly. Swimming and soaking in pools, hot baths, and saltwater dry out your skin and shorten the life of your tan.

3. The more you moisturize the longer your tan will last.

Facial skin is thinner than the skin on the abdomen, legs, and arms. The face is exposed to the environment continually and requires products, potions, and makeup to protect the skin. Due to the exfoliating nature of those products they can cause the tan to fade more quickly.

DHA is a non-hazardous compound that causes no adverse reaction in the quantities found in a sunless solution. DHA has been FDA approved for over 30 years and is found in makeup and skin care products. DHA has been used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition and is non-carcinogenic. Further tests have shown that DHA is less toxic than aspirin, caffeine, and common table salt. Due to the variety of changes that occur to women during a pregnancy, we do request that pregnant clients get the ok ”from their OBGYN prior to having a sunless tanning treatment.

The part of the skin that tans in appearance is a layer of dead skin cells which are by nature very dry. When the DHA first reacts with these cells you get a smooth and even tan. As the tan fades and your skin goes through its natural exfoliation process, these dead skin cells shed. Not every cell turns over at the same rate. You may have some “tanned” cells that remain or last longer while others fade away. The result of this is the appearance of dark spots that resemble freckles. This doesn’t mean you received a bad tan or bad solution. Your tan will eventually fade all the way and there are several things you can do;
1. You can prep your skin by assisting the exfoliation process using a scrub or gloves before tanning again. This will blend your fading tan and even it out.
2. You can leave your skin alone and allowing the natural exfoliation process of the skin to occur. Eventually the tan will fade all the way.
3. You can assist the exfoliation process by soaking in a warm bath or using exfoliating gloves or a scrub to remove the remainder of your tan.
Remember that it is a sunless tan and like all beauty routines, maintenance is involved.

Varying routines can cause different Tanning results;
1. Showering after six hours one time and eight hours the next effects the development time.
2. Perspiring excessively during development time dilutes the solution and does not allow the DHA to absorb into the skin properly.
3. Residual oil or moisturizer on the skin can block the DHA and prevent the skin from reacting and changing colors.
4. Due to the ever-changing chemistry of the body, there are times of the month that our bodies are less receptive to DHA. Some people can even be DHA resistant.