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Established in 1996,
Teague Classical Pilates
is owned and operated by
Gerald and Cathie Teague.


Our certified teachers have comprehensive formal training with over 700 hours in the Classical Pilates Method. Our teachers understand the precise application that will dynamically restore ease and economy of movement. They are taught about the relationship between stressful physical demands, compensatory imbalances and limitations in movement and flexibility. Thus they are qualified to effectively design programs for clients with high levels of physical conditioning as well as those with limitations and conditions such as fibromyalgia, scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, various injuries, pre-natal and post-natal.

Classical Pilates Teacher Training
Our Teacher Training Institute provides a one year in-depth comprehensive training program; you will find many of our graduates teaching throughout Southern California, several of whom have opened their own studios. We have students and graduates from over seas and other states as well. See our education section for information.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a method of exercise designed and developed by German born, physical therapist pioneer, Joseph H. Pilates. Utilizing specially designed equipment, his innovative method educates, re-patterns, realigns, and balances the body. It promotes maximum muscle strength, while increasing flexibility, shapes the body, and makes it stronger and more attractive. Pilates offers a superior standard of kinetic movements that are physiologically sound. It develops the muscles of the body from the inside out, improves suppleness of the limbs, functioning of the vital organs and endocrine glands, clarifies the mind and develops the will.

Pilates for Sports and Fitness
Pilates strengthens and balances the body, promotes uniform development, improves breathing, realigns the skeletal system, elongates muscles, improves joint mobility, flexibility, and neuromuscular disorders. It is cardiovascular, energizing and promotes health and fitness for all ages from nine years to ninety.

Pilates is superior cross training for all sports including Golf, Tennis, Equestrian, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Boxing and all forms of Dance. The balancing effect helps prevent injuries. The mind body awareness achieved from practicing Pilates improves motor skills, coordination, focus and concentration.

Pilates for Rehabilitation
Pilates is fast becoming the most recognized treatment for rehabilitation from old injuries. It helps rid the body of back, neck, shoulder, hip, leg, knee, and foot pain. Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Back Surgeons are embracing Pilates as a better system for back pain relief.

Start with an Evaluation
We start with an evaluation to assess your strengths, weaknesses, muscular imbalances and skeletal alignment. In your evaluation you will get to experience a Classic Pilates workout and your teacher will help you determine the best Pilates plan for you. It will take approximately an hour and a half. Fee $59.

For an Appointment call...1 818 991-9405



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